from the NEW YORK TIMES (this is what  I saw today with my own eyes in my local paper)
A Lens column  earlier  this
month about introverts and
extraverts  misquoted   the
French  philosopher  Jean-
Paul  Sartre.   The  correct
quote is “Hell is other peo-
ple,” not “Hell is other peo-
ple at breakfast.”


March 27 issue of the New York Times Weekly (international editions in 26 nations)
correcting misquote
from March 13 issue
at breakfast.”


[The misquote was gaffed by Kevin Delaney, a staff writer at the Times Weekly edition in New York, who apparently

picked up the misquote without knowing it was a misquote from reading a recent

Huffington Post post about Jonathan Rauch’s humorous 2003 take on the real Sartre quote

and Susan Cain’s book about introverts and extraverts. Kevin has opted not to respond to

this antiblogger’s ten dozen emails requesting an explanation, and neither has Dr Rauch or any

of his spokespeople at THE ATLANTIC magazine, although Atlantic writer James Fallows did

say he would pass on my query letter to Dr Rauch, who he knows personally.

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