”Old Jews Telling Jokes”: a preview of a review of new off Broadway play [and I hope I am wrong]

By ”Leinad Moolb” – pen name
The Old Jews Telling Jokes website ..google it…was and IS cute, funny, LOL,
authentic, real people, real old people, elderly that is, and Jewish,
some atheist, agnostic, Orthodox, didn’t matter, but real Jewish men and women on all stripes telling jokes to the camera in a video room.
I was signed on from day one and enjoyed them all. It was live, in your
face, Jewish humor. Funny, touching, haimish, yiddishkeit, peoplehood, FUN….
BUT: I worry that the off Broadway play, with some non-Jews and one
not old actor in the cast, will not deliver the goods, or that is to say, will not deliver the same goods, with the same egg cream and spritz that makes the website so fuzzywuzzy haimish and warm. let me be wrong. I want to be wrong. let the real reviews rave on and on, and let
me be wrong. but from what i have read about the stage play so far, I see curtains, curtains, not applause applause. again, i want to be wrong. But i fear the worst. I fear it’s not going to work. It works as
a website because the site is warm and haimish and authentic and in your face funny. But will it work in this new off Broadway way with a different kind of setting? I worry. SIGH. and sigh: because the stage play was such a good idea! really. but i am not sure it has been or will be executed correctly. then again, i may be executed for writing this. PLEASE: don’t shoot, i am on your side. I LOVE HUMOR.

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