A couple of days ago, Suzie turned to me and said tentatively, “So, I was thinking that on Wednesday night I’d sleep in the guest bed…”

“Why?” I was appalled. Wednesday is the night before our wedding! I snore sometimes, but I’m taking allergy pills regularly these days. I didn’t understand why she didn’t want to be with me. “I can breathe through my nose these days, I promise!”

“It’s not about that. There’s this tradition of the wedding couple not seeing each other for a week before the wedding…”


We paused and looked at each other. I thought of all the things we had to do during our final week of wedding prep; all the phone calls and emails and double checking, with the food and the decorations and the flowers and the relatives and the everything… I could tell by her expression that Suzie was also thinking of everything we had to take care of.

“Yeah, maybe that’s the worst idea ever…”


So we’re not doing that whole not-seeing-each-other-for-a-week tradition. Teamwork is important. And not working together as a team right now might be the most ridiculous and/or self defeating idea ever.

Wednesday, not so sure. Depends on my allergies.

Lag B Blog Day 31

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