Looking for a different Jewish education experience for your children? Look no further! 

Children in Nature, Y’ladim BaTeva, is a unique outdoor Jewish learning program for children in the Metrowest Boston area run by Ma’yan Tikvah – A Wellspring of Hope. Y’ladim BaTeva provides an alternative to the traditional Hebrew school experience for children in kindergarten through 8th grade by meeting outdoors most of the time. 

On a typical day at Y’ladim BaTeva, you might notice children listening intently to a Torah story, searching the woods for nature items of every color for making Joseph’s coat of many colors, or climbing a tree.


You may see a child hugging a tree, listening for what a tree might be saying after reciting the Shema, or observing life in a stream and connecting that experience to the morning blessing of opening the eyes of the blind.


You may hear older children intensely debating an ethical dilemma or encounter families gardening to help grow food for the hungry, or clearing out invasive plants.


You may stumble upon a line of “animals” made of nature objects lined up two-by-two to enter the ark, or a series of hanukkiot made of nature materials.


While engaging children and families outdoors, Y’ladim BaTeva focuses on Jewish values such as caring for animals, standing in awe of G!d, honoring the elderly, and caring for ourselves, families and communities, as well as many more. At Y’ladim BaTeva, families observe Jewish holidays and engage in community service projects, and children learn Torah stories, Shabbat blessings, prayers from the Shabbat morning service, and how to bring mitzvot into their lives. For those seeking for more Hebrew, an optional Hebrew track is available at individualized pace.  

All of the learning leads to a bar/bat mitzvah or coming-of-age ceremony, and a teen program is being formed.  

Questions? Learn more about the time commitment and fees here, or by emailing Rabbi Katy at rabbi@mayantikvah.org.  

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