“Summer is here.  Windows are open.  The whole neighborhood hears every scream, every yell and every attempt to discipline and moment of loss of parental control.   But there will be a reprise in a few weeks and I can’t wait.

You stand outside our house, you will hear: “No!”  “Leave your brother alone!”  “What could your younger brother have done to deserve that?”  Can you guys go just one day without fighting?”   “Was that really necessary?”    “You could have hurt him!”  “Your older brother was just going to give you a hug … why did you slam your head into his gut?”

Our eleven year old son, JJ, carefully choreographs his every move.  He doesn’t miss an opportunity to whack, smack, trip, slap, punch and taunt his four year old brother, Bruiser.   On the other hand, Bruiser never misses the chance to charge at, slam into, body check or kick his older brother.  With all this said, these guys couldn’t love each other more. Bruiser has no wish stronger than his yearning to be exactly like his brother.   And with not an ounce less conviction, JJ will stop at nothing to protect and love his younger brother…….”

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created at: 2011-06-14

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