Let’s face it: Life is really tough right now. But, as one of our colleagues reminded us, we can look for silver linings during this uncertain time.

Here’s how she started a conversation on her Facebook page:

“Let’s play a game called ‘find the silver linings.’ I’ll start: I had started to grow out my bangs a few months ago, and now is going to be the perfect time to keep growing them out with far fewer people (other than FaceTime and Zoom calls) seeing the awkward stages!”


She then asked friends and colleagues to chime in with their silver linings. Here are some of their responses. Want to share your own #PandemicPositivity? Let us know in the comments!

“I’m saving a lot on commuting costs.”

“I don’t have to wear makeup or shave my legs.”

“I’m organizing one small space in the house a day.”

“My daughter is home for weeks! Haven’t had that in almost six years.”

“I’m trying to do a little bit of exercise each day since I now have the time/no commute. Three days in a row so far!”

“I am baking all the things! Literally making my way through all the recipes I’ve flagged on Instagram over the last year.”

“While walking outside by my house, I noticed that the buds of the forsythias are coming out!”

“I got a rescue kitty a couple months ago and he’s still shy, so I’ll have lots of opportunity to help him feel more secure and comfortable.”

“Instituting family dance parties has been a highlight.”

“Sweatpants. There…did it in one word.”

“My husband is out of paternity leave, but by working from home I can hand off the newborn for a couple minutes at a time to breathe for a second!”

“I can do laundry while I work.”

“We are using art supplies I bought on a whim and never knew I would actually use.”

“I cleaned all of my ceiling fans!”

“I can still talk to my patients for therapy while I coo at my dog, Charlie.”

“Saving money since I’m not buying lunch every day.”

“I get to slow down, stop running around constantly and spend quality time with my kids.”

“More time to crush home workouts, more time with my daughter and more time to cook vegetables.”

“I had concert tickets I couldn’t use and was trying to sell them. Concert canceled, hello refund!”

“I’ve made some of the best meals of my life, with my entire family helping. It’s so sweet!”

“Not setting an alarm (well, just a backup alarm for 8:30) and not having to wake my kids up for school!”

“I’ll finally finish (or start) my wedding thank you cards.”

“FINALLY watching ‘The West Wing’!”

“I’ve been able to find time to organize my record collection and listen to some records I haven’t heard in a while!”

“Lots of long dog walks.”