Passover is around the corner. In the food department, you know what that means. Carbs. Eggs. Seder mints. Fruit slices. Potato flour. Horseradish. Macaroons. Fake cereal.

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Even if you don’t go hard-core and clean out the chametz with a feather, odds are you’re going to stock up on matza and give keeping Passover the old college try at least for a few days.

So what to do for breakfast? Growing up there were two breakfast staples at Passover time- Manischewitz coffee cake and matza fry. The coffee cake, mind you, is full of very nasty ingredients, so as childhood has morphed into adulthood the only breakfast we really embrace is matza fry.

And embrace it we do.

Nothing could be easier, and, actually, the way we make it is very healthy. Here goes.


(For a family of five, mind you, so feel free to adjust)

8 pieces of matza

5 eggs (one whole egg, four egg whites only)





Boil a kettle of water.

Break the matza into smaller pieces (think jagged Oreo-size) and put them in a collander

Pour the boiling water over the matza until soft (but not too soft)

Put the softened matza into a non-stick pan and mix in the eggs.

Stir and cook until eggs are done (approximately 4-5 minutes)

Season with salt and enjoy


In the old days they’d cook it with chicken fat, butter, or oil. NOT NECESSARY.

You can also season with cinnamon and sugar for a sweeter take on this classic.

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