“Do you have any karpas?” Each beautifully illustrated card of the “Passover Go Fish” card game highlights one Hebrew word from the seder. No prior knowledge is necessary! Hebrew transliteration and English are provided for each word. And, players too young to read either language can hold up a card and say, “Do you have any of these?” Playing “Passover Go Fish” is an enjoyable way to spend quality time together, while everyone learns.

You can also play other popular games with “Passover Go Fish.” A pesachdik “Rummy” variation is to collect the five different items on the seder plate. “Concentration/Memory” is a good game to play with 3- to 4-year-olds. 

To play “Seder Race,” each player or team gets one of each of the twelve different cards (the “Afikoman” and “Plagues” cards are not used). The goal is to be the first to arrange the cards in the order of the seder. Players can use haggadot for reference.

Before the seder, if the kids aren’t helping you get ready, a few rounds of “Passover Go Fish” will keep them engaged. At the seder, the leader can take back (or give out) cards at the appropriate time or use “Passover Go Fish” as the afikoman prize. After the seder, and after Passover is long over, if your kids are still playing “Passover Go Fish” it may be time to bring home “Jewish Holidays Go Fish”!

Locally, you’ll find “Passover Go Fish” at the Israel Book Shop, Kolbo, Brookline Booksmith, New England Mobile Book Fair, and Shuki’s.

For more information please visit http://www.emilysper.com .

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