Once we were slaves in Egypt
That wasn’t very fun
Building stuff for Pharaoh
And burning in the sun.

Moses talked to Pharaoh
And said, “We’re out of here!”
But Pharaoh wouldn’t listen
‘Cause he just didn’t care.

Oh Pharaoh, Pharaoh, Pharaoh
You should have let us go
You made a real big blunder
When you said, “No, no, no.”

Well Pharaoh had it coming
Frogs and lice and hail
Locusts, boils and darkness
For him, a major fail.

Oh matzah, matzah, matzah
There wasn’t time to rise
Just enough to hurry
And run from Pharaoh’s guys.

Four cups of Manischewitz
So thick and dark and sweet
For getting drunk and sugared
That stuff just can’t be beat.

Oh maror, maror, maror
You make our mouths so hot
Our bitter time in Egypt
Will not soon be forgot.

The seder’s songs and stories
Show Pharaoh’s big defeat
Though sometimes all I think of
Is please when do we eat?

Next year Yerushalayim
Is where I hope I’ll be
For now I’m celebrating
With friends and family.

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