Passover (Pesach) – Open Your Mouth & Speak


The Jewish holiday, Passover (Pesach in Hebrew) is almost upon us. There’s a myriad of messages within it for anyone, of any religion or no religion. There are universal truths waiting to be discovered, which can help us transform our darkness into light.


Perhaps the most important message, per my “unholy silence series,” is this: Pesach is composed of two Hebrew words – “Peh” (Mouth) & “Sach” (Speak).


Pesach is about facing life’s darkest moments and not allowing them to define us, imprison us, or enslave us. Pesach is about finding our mouth, our voice and learning how to truly speak.


Face the darkness of grief – open your mouth and speak!


Face the darkness of surviving suicide – open your mouth and speak!


Face the darkness of addiction, divorce, abuse, abandonment, loss’s and betrayals of all types –


Face them. Find your voice. Make a choice. Open your mouth and speak!


Carry The Fire,

Rabbi B



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