When Andrew C. Revkin of the Dot Earth science blog at the New York Times says that he has no

problem with ”pink slime” as a beef additive, and gets piles of supportive and angry emails and comments, you know there is a big issue here. Revkin writes in a recent blog post titled

”Why I’m O.K. with ‘Pink Slime’ in Ground Beef”

This is not an April Fool’s Day joke. I agree with Texas Gov. Rick Perry on something — the nutritional merits of derided “pink slime” — the processed last scrapings of meat and connective tissue after cattle are butchered. Dude, it is indeed beef — a source of low-fat nutrition.

The ammonium hydroxide that is added is safe and has long been used in foods from cheeses to pudding. (If you read charges of “slimewashing” from Bettina Siegal, also read the ammonium hydroxide explainer posted by Beef Products, Inc., the company that is closing several plants due to the controversy.)

I particularly encourage you to read Maureen Ogle’s fine post, “Want A Little History With That Pink Slime?

I’m all for open disclosure of food contents, but not when the labeling effort is aimed at fomenting fear over facts.”

I don’t go near beef or pork for my own health rasons. But just to let you know, here in Taiwan there are daily protests in the main national legislature and public protes rallies against the importation of any USA beef, and it is a big diplomatic row now between the two nations, Taiwan vs USA. Today there is a newspaper photo of a recent protest of Taiwanese activists holding signs that depict their own ROC president Ma Ying-Jeao as ADOLPH HITLER complete with arm band swastika and Hitler moustache with sign in English saying — “As A.[dolph] Hitler, [President] Ma ]of Taiwan] destroys Taiwan’s democracy” — the pink slime beef row is getting heated — red alert!–  now.


A photo of Taipei protest with sign calling Taiwan Pres. Ma as Hitler for wanting to import USA beef and pink slime to Taiwan… –




<!–Taiwan News–>


Pink Slime and USA beef imports raise specter of Hitler and Nazis in Taiwan

A group of protesters gathers on the sidewalk outside Liberty Square in Taipei yesterday holding up signs demanding food safety.Apr 02, 2012


Photo: CNA


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