Ah, the Seaport: The steel, the glitter, that strange lack of parking.

The food scene is good, though! Israeli chef Eyal Shani just opened Miznon at 107 Seaport Blvd., which is a pretty big deal in the Jewish food world: The first location opened in Tel Aviv 10 years ago and exploded worldwide. It’s known for fast-casual pitas, the ultimate local street food. (Note: It’s not kosher.)

Shani comes from Jerusalem; he opened his first restaurant, Oceanus, in 1989 and became known for his love for cooking tomatoes. (He currently runs Naked Tomato, a Mediterranean restaurant in New York City, and made waves among critics when he introduced a $24 lightly salted tomato appetizer at his Hell’s Kitchen fine-dining spot, HaSalon.) He’s also a TV personality; he’s a judge on “MasterChef Israel.”

Miznon is more accessible: Stuff your pita with signature whole-roasted baby cauliflower, tahini, tomato salsa, spicy green peppers and scallions; melted chickpeas; ratatouille; hake; branzino; steak and kid-friendly cheeseburgers and falafel. It’s not exactly cheap, though; most sandwiches are about $15.

If, for some strange reason, you don’t crave pita, they also offer plates with the same ingredients, sans bread, as well as stuffed baked and sweet potatoes. It’s the fourth U.S. location for Miznon (the other three are in New York, so feel special!). Stay tuned for a full review in a couple of weeks, once they get into a groove.