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Please have the following items ready ahead of time for your ceremony:

1. Table ~ A sturdy table in a well lit room (dining room table, bridge table)
2. Two chairs ~ one for the Sandak and one that Dr. Rubtchinsky will decorate to symbolize Elijah’s presence
3. Kiddush cup and Sweet Kosher Wine
4. Garbage bag ~ under the table
5. Two candle holders with candles and matches ~ on the table
6. Challah
7. Kippot ~ for the father, parents and guestscreated at: 2011-03-09
8. Plain Vaseline and a package of 3×3 gauze ~ aftercare following the circumcision

For the baby naming, family members are encouraged to speak about how/why the name was chosen for your son. Please feel free to use readings/poems/memories about specific attributes that made the namesake special.

For the ceremony, please have a diaper, wipes, burp cloth and a thin receiving blanket available.

On the day of the bris:

1. Please finish feeding the baby one hour prior to the ceremony
2. Please turn off all cellular phones and answering machines before the ceremony
3. Place a sign on the door that reads, “PLEASE COME IN” so that guests will not knock on the door during the ceremony
4. Have your guests come 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony (but preferably no earlier) so that it may begin on time.


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