Baseball is a game of numbers. Hits, home runs, batting average, OPS, slugging percentage, WHIP… the number of ways you can quantify the value or output of a player can be overwhelming.

But baseball also goes beyond numbers. You can’t measure grit. You can’t calculate toughness. You can’t put a value on the intangibles that a player can bring to the table. Picture Dustin Pedroia, all 5-foot-9 of him, and you’ll know what I mean.created at: 2012-03-26

A perfect example of this in baseball is when a pitcher is evaluated on his stuff. You hear this all the time on sports radio: Hey, Lesta’s (aka Lester) got great stuff.

What does this really mean? Confidence, power, movement, poise, aura, and the ability to come through in the clutch. A little touch of greatness that emerges at the critical moment.

Well, Prozdor’s also got some good “stuff”.

There are lots of numbers we can throw at you about Prozdor. How many electives are there? How long are the classes? How many kids went on the New York trip? How many students are there? What’s the percentage of day school graduates versus religious school graduates?

But the Prozdor experience is not just about numbers. It’s about something else. It’s about the stuff that we have that no one else does.

It’s about students traveling with us to Israel who’d never been to Israel before and having them come back with a new passion for Israel, Hebrew, and Jewish learning.

It’s about our Nilhav dancers performing back-to-back weekends in Boston and New York City.

It’s about our Klezmer band winning second place at Klezmer Idol at the Boston Jewish Music Festival on March 11.

It’s about our forty teachers and ten administrators who are constantly designing new classes and learning experiences, both formal and informal, for our over five hundred students.

It’s about our gender-specific classes for over eighty students who want time to slow down and explore what it means to be growing up in an accelerated world in a same-sex environment.

It’s about our new Hebrew curriculum.

It’s about our move towards project-based learning and team teaching.

It’s about our game-changing, paradigm-shifting approach towards Israel education.

It’s about all this stuff.

And it’s about so much more.

But don’t take my word for it. The buzz is out there and the interest about the new Prozdor is building. Our recent open house drew over sixty prospective students and parents and we invite you to come to the next one on April 29.

Don’t miss outbelieve me, you’ll want to hear about all of the new stuff we’re cooking up for next year.

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