The American Dream is dead and buried. All that’s left of it are shattered houses destroyed by storms, smoking ashes of burnt-down towns, frightened families in downtown cities where gunfire is routine, and a virus that’s spreading out of control. The free press, America’s most treasured asset, has been bought by moguls who infuse their political agenda into every line in every story and every frame in every clip, to the point where there is no honest reporting in the country that used to be the leader of the free world. It isn’t just the dream of a house in the suburbs with a picket fence around the yard that’s gone; it’s the American way of life that’s gone with it. America is being torn to pieces from within by hatred, and from without, by nature. And it won’t be long before the anger turns against the Jews. It’s already begun, and it will soon turn very deadly.

America is the capital of egoism, where private property is hallowed and individualism venerated. It is a country that has consecrated self-entitlement and now grapples with its abhorrent progeny: alienation, isolation, loneliness and depression. And the Jews will be regarded as the instigators of this agony.

Throughout history, the Jews have been blamed for every plight that has ever struck a nation. Even where there are no Jews, the Jews are blamed for all their troubles. It is a natural law to blame the Jews for every misfortune, and America is not above the natural law.

Jewish ingenuity and keenness of mind have given the world countless presents, from which everyone enjoys, and for which no one thanks the Jews. But Jews have also given the world a present that it rejects unequivocally since it does not see its benefits: love of others. When the Jewish people formed, at the foot of Mt. Sinai, they became a nation only after they agreed to unite “as one man with one heart.”

Immediately thereafter, they were tasked with passing on that unity to the entire world, to be “a light unto nations.” Unless the Jews unite once more and set an example of this light of unity, the world will not opt for unity, but turn to violence time and time again. And in the process, it will blame the Jews for causing the bloodshed and punish them accordingly.

American Jewry is splintered internally, disputed with Israel, and proudly displays its conflicts. Many American Jews think their expressions of aversion toward fellow Jews present them as enlightened or portray them as sensitive to social injustices. In truth, however, it only increases the already-mounting hatred toward them. When the levee breaks and the flood begins, no one will be spared.

But there is no reason for despair; the road to happiness is paved and clear: unite, and your fiercest enemies will become your greatest supporters. The world needs unity more than ever, but it will not know it until someone points a light in that direction. And the only ones who can do it are the Jews. If they unite among themselves, they will send a clear signal to the world that that’s the way to go, and the world will follow.

Jews are obstinate; I have little hope they’ll listen. They did not listen in the 1930s when some Jews called on them to unite; I hope they will today.

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