This blog is dedicated to supporting a remarkable Jewish and Israeli content creator whose work uplifts and unites Jews globally and galvanizes us all to be vocally proud Jews.

Meet Eitan Chitayat

Eitan Chitayat is the acclaimed author behind the viral “I’m That Jew” campaign, whose work has been viewed over 150 million times since Oct. 7. I had the privilege of working alongside Eitan at Arnold Worldwide in Boston, where I witnessed the deep thinking, passion, and creativity he brings to his projects. Eitan’s work has been shared organically by the State of Israel’s accounts, its embassies, and various organizations fighting the good fight. However, despite the reach and impact of his work, his work so far has been self-funded.

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(Image: Eitan Chitayat)

The Challenge

Antisemitic forces are increasingly organized and well-funded, dwarfing our own resources. This disparity makes it imperative to bolster our grassroots creators and amplify our message to the world. Eitan’s creative output requires significant time and resources, from the production of animated videos to the creation of engaging social media content. One simple animated “I’m That Jew” video requires hours of work, and its reach can vary from 500 viewers to 5 million viewers. This is why Eitan needs financial support to continue his important advocacy and narrative.

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(Image: Eitan Chitayat)

Our Objectives

Eitan’s work is driven by three primary objectives:

Humanizing the Jewish people: In the face of dehumanization, Eitan’s work aims to show the world the humanity and diversity of Jewish people.

Amplifying Jewish pride: Eitan seeks to uplift our community and allies to be vocal not just in times of crisis but as a permanent communication strategy.

Combating misinformation: Through empathy, the Jewish spirit, and heart, Eitan’s work aims to counteract lies and misinformation about Jews and Israel.

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(Image: Eitan Chitayat)

How Your Support Helps

The funds from this campaign will be used to:

  • Leverage creative talent: Enable Eitan to continue working with professionals to produce and distribute video content, short films, animations, and social media campaigns.
  • Project and social media management: Retain a project manager and social media management team to engage with the overwhelming number of comments and amplify influencer outreach.
  • Paid media: Enhance the reach of Eitan’s content through paid media on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X, TikTok, and YouTube.

Your contribution can make a profound difference in amplifying this important work. By supporting him, you are helping to foster a stronger, more resilient Jewish community and fighting for the middle ground made up of people who can be reached through empathy, facts, and integrity.

Join Us

Please consider supporting Eitan today. The Western world and its values need his voice now more than ever. All funds go directly to the Am Yisrael Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that supports Eitan’s nonprofit content creation.

You can see his work and follow his journey here:

Together, we can reclaim the Jewish narrative and stand strong against antisemitism. Thank you for your support.

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