Honestly Mr. Brosgol I do not know where to begin.

Should I begin by asking what kind of Krav Maga background you come from? Shall I ask if you even know what real, pure Krav Maga is? Should I ask if this negative editorial was just an advertisement for the ‘ex-pat who is opening up a studio in Boston?’ Should I advise you that Krav Maga is NOT a MMA, a sport, or any form of a martial art? That training in Krav Maga does not include dancing to music? Should I remind you that in Israel all persons are required to take Krav Maga regardless of their physical level? Should I advise you that Krav Maga is a hand to hand combat training system? Should I advise you that you are one of many people who misunderstand what Krav Maga is?

And yes, I am the ‘unfortunate partner’ with whom Mr. Aviram taught. But I beg to differ with you on several issues. First, the exasperation stemmed from my mental ability to learn this training system. It stemmed from my own lack of mental focus – of since, I have never been more mentally focused in my life with my Krav Maga and myriad other professional and personal projects. And may I remind you that we spent 21 hours of which only 7-1/2 hours are represented on these DVDs. So, as far as the questions were concerned, they were addressed; along with new questions which have since been addressed over the last several months with Mr. Aviram; almost on a daily basis, much to his unwavering patience and immense respect for teaching Krav Maga accurately. Yes, Mr. Aviram is tough. There is no doubt. But when you are defending yourself in the unthinkable, you need to be taught in this manner.

Should I ask you why you think learning Krav Maga will make you ‘tougher’ than you currently are? Krav Maga teaches you how to defend yourself and from that comes a certain level of confidence, self-assuredness, self-reliance, and intelligence in assessing a dangerous situation, in understanding the imperativeness of your body’s reaction time within that situation, and in instinctively knowing which techniques to use – when –  depending on the situation.

I did not learn Krav Maga to get ‘tougher’ – Mr. Aviram gratiously instructed me so I could learn to not only defend myself, but also so I could teach women, young adults, and children self defense.

Also, this DVD set is meant for the serious Krav Maga and/or self defense student and/or instructor. It is not meant for the MMA or martial art enthusiast who thinks it is ‘cool’ to do. Self defense is serious business Mr. Brosgol, and I am afraid you have disrespected that sentiment with your editorial.

So whereas you think it is ‘cool’ to learn Krav Maga; it is not. It is unfortunately, a necessity these days in order to defend yourself utilizing the most effective and efficient training system available since Imi originated it back in 1948. And may I also say in response to your statement:

Without some physical contact and anger, it’s hard to feel like you’re actually doing anything at all except leaping around your family room.

Perhaps you should take 21 hours with Mr. Aviram. Actually, let me know when you want to, because I will come and watch, because there will be no leaping around any room. There will only be you, your mind, your body and Mr. Aviram. No music. No flashiness. Nothing but your own wits and him. So you see, Krav Maga isn’t for the MMA or martial art enthusiast; it is for those of us who understand the importance of learning self defense and for those of us who also acknowledge and respect the original Krav Maga that Imi created back in 1948. And I am not talking about the Civilian Krav Maga he later developed after he left the IDF. I am talking about IDF Krav Maga, which is what Mr. Aviram teaches. Which is what he has always advocated as learning. Mr. Aviram has never professed to teaching anything but IDF Krav Maga. So again, perhaps you are the one who has misrepresented Mr. Aviram with your biased and ignorant editorial about a training system that was developed with the utmost of importance. One that holds great distinction. One that Mr. Aviram is not in fear of defending even if it means listening to the ridicule from you and others in this world who hold no real knowledge or experience in the real Krav Maga. Of which I too, have been exposed to ridicule from the self defense community; but care not, for it is my passion and vision to teach this unique and advanced self defense training system to others that continually moves me forward with the knowledge that some day, it will save a woman’s life.

Because those 21 hours, plus many more on another occasion, along with hours and hours of discussions and conversations with Mr. Aviram have equipped me to instruct Krav Maga to others. It has equipped me to start my own self defense training center and leadership forum where I live. It has enabled me to teach others how to defend themselves from the terrible situations of rape, burglary, assaults, possible murder, sexual assault, and even mental and emotional abuses not only for women, but also for teenagers, college students and children. And for that I will be eternally grateful that Mr. Aviram meticulously and methodically beat the crap out of me.



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