Written by Micha B ‘16

Although somewhat bittersweet because it was the last day of the trip, our final day of Connectech was a memorable conclusion to the trip. First thing in the morning, I was treated to an amazing home-made Israeli breakfast by my awesome Zug, Ronen (Thanks again, it was delicious!) as part of our home hospitality stay. Needless to say, this was a great start to the day!

Interactive exhibit on flight

Our big stop for the day was at the Madatech, the Israeli Science Museum, which was perfect for our group of engineers. One exhibit I found particularly cool was a Google Earth Panorama with 7 monitors that you could move around to anywhere on Earth, so of course we all had to show each other where our hometowns and houses were, and, for the Israelis, where MIT’s Campus is. Of course, since we all live so far apart, it took some time to move the display all over the world. Heading outside there were a bunch of fun demos of discoveries/inventions by famous scientists (Archimedes, Leonardo Da Vinci, Pythagoras, etc). I especially enjoyed the human-powered yoyo, called a “Boyo,” which we were the counterweight for, and as such, got lifted up quite a ways. Since I have always been interested in science, I was thrilled to act like a kid again and see all of the science-themed exhibits!

To wrap up the day, and the program, we returned to the Technion’s Hillel office for a wrap-up conversation. The Israelis made us a concluding video, which was a slideshow with pictures and videos of our various escapades with their insightful, and only sometimes snarky, commentary. This was a fun way to conclude our trip and helped to highlight the connection and friendships I had made with our Israeli peers. They also gave us really nice mugs with a group picture as well as all of the names we gave each other, which will be a great way to remember the trip! Unfortunately, though, our trip had come to an end, ending the first part of this amazing program. As our train left the station in Haifa, all of us going our separate ways, I realized that I had made some really valuable connections with the Technion students on the trip. I really look forward to their visit to Boston!

See you in Boston! 6/2/14
Winning Team of the Trip Scavenger Hunt in their cool new Technion shirts.


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