Seeking Asylum In Israel

Shannon Broverman participated in JDC Entwine’s Inside Israel 2012 Insider Trip.

As a kid, remember playing outside and trying to climb trees. It was fun right?

Well, imagine staying in the tree all day with your family with little food or water and only climbing down at night.  

This was the journey of many asylum seekers who were trying to leave their land.  

During our visit to Israel in December met with several groups of people who made this long, treacherous journey so they could raise their families in amore peaceful state. Among the group we visited were the children at the Bialik-Rogozin School school in south Tel Aviv whom we visited on a Shabbat morning.

Looking around, we saw kids of many nationalities who were in trees every day and on their parents back in tow for several days at a time until they arrived in Israel.

Once they arrived and found out about Bialik-Rogozin School, their needs were literally taken care of as the staff found provided them with all different provisions (clothing, hygiene, food) and also provided support to the children.

Seeking Asylum In Israel

In the self-portrait art project that hung on the school walls you will see many bright vibrant colors which as well as many smiling faces as thechildren are happy to be at school.

We also experienced that the children have al lot of vibrant energy as we visited their music class and listened to their routine, made from homemade, drum like instruments.  

Next time you see kids playing outside and climbing trees think what it would be like to be up there all day, close your eyes and image the route these asylum seekers had to take.

Join us in Boston on May 20, 2013 for LOOKING DEEPER: SEEKING ASYLUM IN ISRAEL for an in-depth look at the issues these children and their families are facing, and how JDC is supporting this community.

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