In Jewish tradition, Shavuot is the holiday of eating dairy and studying Torah all night. As someone who struggles with insomnia and who has a love/hate relationship with lactose, this festival of frappucinos seems like either a) lots of fun or b) hell on wheels.  To celebrate or not to celebrate? It’s tomorrow night, and I haven’t decided yet.



1. Given my issues falling asleep, I’m probably already going to be awake. Why not hang out with people?

2.  Cheese.

3. Apparently there’s one tradition that says some rabbi stayed up studying all night and saw an angel. That’d be kind of awesome.

4. There’s another tradition wherein the Jewish people overslept at Mount Sinai, so we stay awake during Shavuot to compensate. I don’t like oversleeping even for my boss, so I definitely wouldn’t want to oversleep for Gd.

5. You know when everyone stays up too late and gets giggly? I like that moment.

6. Cheese.



1. Watch, this will be the only night this week I’ll be able to fall asleep like a normal human being, but I’ll try to stay awake. And then I’ll screw everything up at work the next day because of sleep deprivation.

2. There is definitely such a thing as too much ice cream.

3. Sleep deprivation induced hallucinations sound kind of unhealthy, when you think about it…

4. Being paranoid and staying awake all night is something I’m trying to do LESS in life, not more.

5. I am not in college anymore. All nighters are for 19 year olds, and I can wax nostalgic in other ways.

6. What’s up with Jewish holidays making me feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach? Feasting, fasting, dairy, guilt—I’m always a mess at the end of these things.

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