In my coaching practice, I see so much struggle, confusion and suffering around identity and the roles we fulfill. I wrote this as a reminder to us all that we are not human beings, from time to time have spiritual experiences. Rather, we are spiritual beings, for a very short time here on earth, having a human experience. And while we are here – we have a job to do!

Click here to download a beautiful, printable version of “She Is YOU.” Print it. Post it somewhere you can see it and read it often. Forward this to someone you care about too. Most of all just get out there and live it – cause She Is YOU (and guys, He is YOU too).

She Is YOU


YOU are not a woman.

YOU are not a wife.

YOU are not a mom, daughter, sister, friend, lawyer, teacher, Christian, Jew, American….

Yes these are all a part of YOU.

However, they are not YOU.

YOU were YOU before each of these.

YOU would be YOU without these.

YOU will be YOU long after they, or YOU, are gone.

YOU are a spirit.

YOU are a soul.

YOU are a spark of the Divine.

YOU have come from somewhere profound.

YOU will one day return to the Source from which you came.

YOU are here, for now, in this world, but not of this world.

AND YOU have a job to do.

YOUR holy task is to live YOUR unique journey.

YOUR sacred duty is to walk it wholeheartedly.

YOUR ultimate purpose is to be authentic, speak YOUR truth and share YOUR love.

YOUR divine job is to fully, freely and fiercely be YOU in all that YOU do.

And to share YOU with all whom are with YOU.

And if you don’t know who YOU are then:

Discover YOU.

Uncover YOU.

Reveal YOU.

Live YOU.

Love YOU.

And leave YOU…

Leave YOU upon all that YOU touch, all whom YOU encounter and in all that YOU do.

Leave this world more beautiful, peaceful and loving because YOU were here.

Leave YOUR life knowing YOU completed YOUR work because YOU were YOU.

Leave YOUR legacy to those whom YOU love.

Leave YOUR light for those who will walk in YOUR footsteps.

Leave knowing that one day they will be reunited with YOU.

This is who YOU are.

This is why YOU are here.

This is what YOU were meant to do.

This is YOU!

It’s time to be YOU!

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