Reports that the world has officially gone mad have been greatly under-exaggerated.

Consider this recent sampling of news reports:

Welcome to the end of reality, where facts have died a long, slow, and painful death, where anything goes and the truth is secondary to the headline, and where reasonable people bang their heads harder and harder against the wall. The scary part isn’t that people are just blatantly making stuff up, the scary part is that millions, if not billions, of people probably believe that some of this nonsense is true… and this is before we even enter the realm of the 2016 presidential campaign and the absurd claims being tossed around by just about everyone. I can't even begin to go there.

But I will leave you with one more doozy. When New York Jets safety Marcus Gilchrist was asked how he and the Jets would be preparing for Tom Brady this Sunday, he said “You prepare the same way you prepare for Kirk Cousins.” Cue the laugh track.

I hope TB12 gets some extra motivation out of that quote for Sunday's showdown at the Razor.

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