created at: 2010-12-08This week at Kesher Newton we held our annual Dreidel Tournament of Champions for our students.  Each child came to Kesher with a bag of change and their own lucky sevivon to use for friendly, if not passionate, competition.  During our celebration of Chanukah, which featured cookie- and latke-making, candle-lighting and singing (and also the Kesher play this year), our students participated in a great spin-off to crown this year’s dreidel champion.

Rather than using the winning purse for personal gain, we have historically allowed the victor to suggest a particular cause to support with his or her winnings.  This year, however, given the recent catastrophic forest fires in the Carmel in Israel, we decided to pool all of the money that the children brought in, in addition to extra amounts contributed by students, parents, and staff, to assist CJP’s Haifa Emergency Relief Fund.  The students were thrilled to support such an important cause.

All told our students donated over $175 (all in change!) this week to the Haifa Emergency Relief Fund, and we are still collecting.  In this time of crisis, we proudly stand by our friends and family in our sister city and the surrounding communities.

To join us in supporting the relief efforts, please click here.


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