By Twin Mom Plus One

“Yes, I was one of those whose position was eliminated at the start of the economic meltdown.

Freaking out for the first 8 months, I frantically looked for a position.  Signing up for Ladders.com, Beyond.com, monster.com, updating linkedIn profile, meeting with former colleagues , attending networking events, taking webinars, connecting with those who know someone who knows someone,  you know the drill.  Sat there and worked out the numbers………I could work for $XX dollars albeit 40% less than I was making but it would pay for half day preschool for the twins, cost of a nanny/babysitter to handle the afternoons, dry cleaning, gas etc.  Ok….I came to grips with a lower salary now I just need to find an interesting position….”

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created at: 2011-05-17

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