created at: 2012-04-05Posted by Alison B. Kaufman, MS, RD, LDN
This article was originally printed in The Jewish Advocate

If food was simply fuel for us, like gas is for cars, eating a balanced Passover meal would be easier. But it can be tricky, particularly because of the cultural and ritual meanings many of the Seder foods hold. The tips and meal suggestions below will help you enjoy a healthier Seder meal while including all of your favorite (and necessary) traditional foods.

  1. Eat regular meals and snacks on the day of the Seder meal. It is easy to want to “save” calories before eating a big meal; however allowing hunger to build is one of the surest ways to eat more than planned later on. Instead, arrive at the Seder well-nourished and energized. If possible, eat a snack approximately two hours before food will be served to keep blood sugar more stable. 
  2. Pay attention to how food smells, looks, tastes, and feels during the meal. Tuning in to these cues will enhance satisfaction and make it easier to stay in balance.
  3. Focus on eating the foods you enjoy the most. When introduced to foods only once or twice per year and when introduced to many foods at once, it is easy to approach the meal with an all or nothing mentality. Focusing on the foods you love will help keep you in balance over all.
  4. Serve yourself amounts of foods in line with your needs. Use Seder meal guidelines below as a reference or visit for a personalized food plan.

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