MISTI MIT-Israel works with over 500 hosts: university labs, research institutions, start-ups and companies. Below is only a small sampling of the opportunities available.

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Explore the fields of business development and strategy, desalination, water, and environmental science. As a summer intern at IDE Technologies, you will contribute to novel water desalination technologies and wastewater treatment via product or business development work. Applicants must have good mathematical skills and have knowledge of process/mechanical/maritime design or business development.

Explore the field material physics at the Technion. As a summer intern you will study the dynamic behavior of materials. Exceptional applicants are familiar with solid mechanics, waves, and finite element analysis.

Explore the fields of battery technology, device physics, and thermodynamics at Tel Aviv University. As a summer intern you can investigate a variety of research areas: photo-thermionic solar converter, solar energy conversion and storage, or optical and thermal properties of ceramic foams.

As a summer intern at Genome Compiler, you will use your biology analysis skills in a project that is building a compiler for DNA and making the IDE to engineer it to develop the next generation of biofuels, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and industrial chemicals. You will work closely with customers and the development team to develop the accurate Synthetic Biology product. Applicants should have knowledge of synthetic biology, molecular biology, and iGEM.

Explore the field of neuroscience at Tel Aviv University. As a summer intern you will work jointly with a graduate student on a project related to the neural and cognitive basis of face/person recognition. The research group uses multiple methods, including EEG, fMRI, eye tracking and behavioral measures. Applicants should have some background in statistics.

Explore the fields of healthcare and medical devices. As a summer intern at Endospan Ltd., you can investigate a variety of research areas: computer fluid dynamics simulations, finite element analysis, vascular prostheses and delivery systems, or manufacturing-related testing. Applicants should be familiar with manufacturing processes.

Explore the field of manufacturing and production at Keter Plastic. Applicants should have excellent computer and teamwork skills.

Explore the field of applied mathematics at Weizmann Institute of Science. As an intern you will design and analyze algorithms for combinatorial or geometric problems. Applicants should completed coursework in familiar with algorithms and theoretical computer science.

Explore the field of computational structural biology at Hebrew University. As a summer intern you will model and test the structures of proteins and/or their interaction with partners. Applicants should be familiar Perl/Python/Java/C++ (at least one). Exceptional applicants are familiar with protein structure.

As a summer intern at Flytrex Ltd., you can design or optimize a newly built multipurpose drone; design or optimize a quadcopter control system; design and code a GIS editor for Google Maps users; create algorithms to analyze users’ flight patterns; or design and produce a PCB based product from scratch.

Explore the fields of new business evaluation, investment, business development, financial forecasting, sales strategies, and marketing at Asquith Israel MB.

As a summer intern, you can reinvent the wheel at SoftWheel, a company that creates revolutionary shock-absorbing tires. Opportunities are available in R&D engineering, production engineering, product development, and sales and marketing. Applicants should have knowledge in SolidWorks, FEM modelling, or business interest, depending on the project.

…and many more!

Apply at applymisti.mit.edu by Feb. 16.

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