Ask any Me’ah student what they love about the program, and answers come quickly.  Here is a list of oft-heard comments:

Ten things we love about Me’ah*

1.  The varied subject matter, the interesting historical contexts, the connections with other periods and other religions.

2.  The class and readings are beautifully organized to give us a sense of Jewish life and thought over a period of a thousand years.  All sections “connect naturally.”

3.  Me’ah surveys four historical periods.  With four outstanding teachers as guides, we get the “big picture,” which is invariably different from what we would have thought.

4.  Teachers share their relevant research experience; they possess a breadth of knowledge about other fields that they bring to bear on the course.

5.  Me’ah offers strong academic interpretations of text; and yet, the relationships, the stories, the history—all these are also fascinating.

6.  The tying together of all the various books of the Bible.  These don’t stand alone.

7.  The many “Aha!” moments in class—this is why things are the way they are; this explains the history of the Jewish people and tradition.

8.  The first year could not be topped… but then, the second year was equally fabulous.

9.  Each Me’ah instructor has his/her own style.  Common to all are thoughtful and responsive responses to student questions and interests.  Lectures are focused and helpful; class discussions are lively, engaging many students.

10.  The quality of instruction.  Teachers are very enthusiastic about the material—it is already interesting; they inspire deeper understanding, and make it come to life.

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