Jill Kargman is my Jewish mom idol.

For people who love aspirational voyeurism with a twist of satire, she’s the best—think: a slightly goth Gwyneth Paltrow (who also happens to be friends with Gwyneth Paltrow). She’s an author, TV star, Instagram humorist and New York City gal-about-town (and, yes, former sister-in-law of Drew Barrymore). Her Bravo show “Odd Mom Out” was sadly canceled after three seasons, but it’s still available on Amazon. And she has a brand-new naughty line of hostess gifts from Society 6. Basically, she’s a one-percenter for the 99 percent.

If you’re looking for some binge-friendly entertainment this weekend, I heartily recommend her entire oeuvre.

First, some background: A sassy child of the Upper East Side, she always styled herself as a little bit different than her swanky pals. I mean, not too different…her dad, a former Borscht Belt comic, was the head of Chanel and her brother (check out his apartment for serious real-estate envy) married Drew. But instead of joining the social X-ray charity circuit, she built a career on satirical send-ups of her blue-blood neighbors.

It started with the cult movie “Intern,” a skewering of life as a glossy mag underling and a precursor to “The Devil Wears Prada.” Then she wrote a series of books about the peculiarities of life on the Upper East Side. Read “Momzillas” for a deliciously nasty look at the catty hijinks of this rarified Park Avenue crew, which will make the competitive people in your SoulCycle class seem benign. Is it high art? The next great American novel? No. But it’s saucy, escapist fun.

“Odd Mom Out” is part Jewish “The Real Housewives” and part “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Episode titles include “Fasting and Furious,” about a Yom Kippur gone slightly awry, and “Frisky Business,” tracing her daughter Hazel’s, ahem, maturation when she attends sleep-away  camp. Throw in some glamorous trust-fund apartments (modeled after Kargman’s real-life one, which will make you want to Marie Kondo your entire house right away) and Abby Elliot from “Saturday Night Live” as Jill’s social-climbing sister-in-law, and it’s a delicious way to spend the weekend. If you came of age reading Page Six long before TMZ, this is for you.

Jill is a mom of three in real life, too, and she’s written about not-so-fluffy topics, such as anti-Semitism in her son’s elite Manhattan private school and getting a preventative mastectomy.

Anyway, she’s my favorite Jewish mom right now, and her Instagram is pretty fun, too. Oh, and if you’re considering sending your kids to sleep-away camp this summer? Check out her story about it to be convinced.