The Boston Jewish Film Festival, which runs from Nov. 4-16, is just a few weeks away! Here are five of the films we are most excited about. View the festival schedule to find out when you can catch these in theaters.

"Do You Believe in Love?"
Dir. Dan Wasserman 
Israel, 2013, 50 minutes

Tova does not believe in love. But she has had remarkable success as a matchmaker, specializing in finding matches for people with disabilities. Despite her tough-love approach, her passion for her work and for her clients is undeniable. Funny, heartwarming and endlessly entertaining, this documentary follows Tova, who has muscular dystrophy, over the course of a year, inviting us to join in her pain, humor, love and an enormous lust for life.

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"How to Win Enemies"
Dir. Gabriel Lichtman
Argentina, 2015, 78 minutes

Lucas is a young lawyer with a penchant for detective stories. When he meets Bárbara at a café, he is enamored. She is smart, sexy, and has great taste in literature. But things aren’t always what they seem. After Bárbara goes home with Lucas, he wakes up to find his financial savings, and Bárbara, gone. Determined to find her and to solve this mystery, Lucas uses the detective skills gathered from his beloved books and finds himself in an intriguing, twisted plot.

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"Bulgarian Rhapsody"
Dir. Ivan Nichev
Bulgaria/Israel, 2014, 108 minutes

Bulgaria’s recent submission to the Academy Awards is a visually stunning tale of first love and friendship set in the summer of 1943. When 17-year-old Moni meets his pretty, fun-loving cousin, Shelli, he is smitten. Unfortunately, so is his more worldly best friend Giorgio. Their teenage love triangle plays out against the Nazis’ invasion into Greece and Bulgaria, with dire consequences for all.

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"Once in a Lifetime"
Dir. Marie-Castille Schaar
France, 2014, 105 minutes

A dedicated history teacher at an inner-city Paris high school is determined to overcome her students’ apathy. Frustrated but undaunted, she challenges her class in a national competition on the theme of child victims. As the students discover the dramatic lives of these Holocaust victims, they expand their knowledge of the world and of themselves.

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"The Man in the Wall"
Dir. Evgeny Ruman
Israel, 2015, 92 minutes

Shir wakes up from her nap to an angry neighbor who has discovered Shir’s dog wandering alone. But her husband, Rami, had gone out with the dog, leaving his phone and wallet behind. Shir quickly realizes that her husband has disappeared. As friends and family come in and out of the apartment, and as Shir’s panic rises, more details about Shir, Rami, and their marriage are revealed. This psychological thriller draws theaudience into Shir’s crisis and into her marriage until the very twisted end. Ophir (Israeli Academy) Award nominations for Best Screenplay and Best Actress, 2015.

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