Israeli, American, and Jewish young adults came together to celebrate the fifth night of Chanukah at BIG’s olive oil tasting event.  One of Chanukah’s most prominent symbols, after all, is olive oil, and what better way to commemorate the holiday’s miracle than to appreciate the substance that made it possible?created at: 2012-12-14

12/12/12 was a perfect night to go BIG, so we didn’t sample just any olive oil.  We learned about the nuances and varieties of olives from around the world and the oil that they produce.  We sniffed and slurped and marveled at the peppery sensation brought on by a truly fresh oil and the created at: 2012-12-14explosively flavorful balsamic vinegars.

Most of all, however, we contemplated the meaning of this joyous occasion.  Chanukah celebrates the triumph of freedom over tyranny, of perseverance over wavering and indecision.  Hundreds of years ago, a small band of devoted Jews stood up for their right to be Jews freely and openly in their homeland.  This is a familiar theme in the history of our people, which requires us to constantly test ourselves and our collective strength.

These tests, be they large or small, produce critical results.  Not only do they solidify our freedom created at: 2012-12-14and right to be Jewish, but they also bring Jews together.  Thus, BIG celebrated Chanukah the way it should always be celebrated: communally, appreciating together the dedication, bravery, and commitment that spans centuries and brought us together on Newbury Street.

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