The Debrief: When the Morning Comes

Saturday morning at 11:30 barely counts as morning. So when my friend texted me that her date from the night before was still asleep in her bed, I have to admit I was surprised. It’s impressive, really, being able to sleep in like a college student home for winter break. So I asked: What’s your favorite way to get someone out of bed in the morning, or to be woken up yourself?

Some people like it slow…

“I need to be woken up in increments: ‘Love, we are waking up in 15 minutes.’ Then, ‘OK, now you have two minutes.’ Childish? Maybe. Effective? Definitely.”
—Michelle, 24

“My partner and I often do a countdown from five to zero. At zero we both get up, although our definitions of ‘up’ vary. He leaps out of bed; I progress slowly to a sitting position first. This generally happens after we’ve been lying in bed for a while and have decided we really need to get up already. We are not morning people.”
—Sarah, 28

“I’d like a very gentle tickling of my arm, slowly, until I wake up. But it has to be after 9 a.m.”
—Lucy, 30

“If it’s a partner and we have fun plans for the day, I would start by offering lots of kisses. I would probably hold them and then proceed to share my excitement and positive energy about a hiking/biking/beach adventure we’re about to share. I really like being woken up the same way actually, by kisses, especially on my back and shoulders.”
—Ashley, 29

Some people like it loud…

“I’d put on a bra and panties, straddle them and start chanting, ‘I wanna go to brunch! I wanna go to brunch!’”
—Nala, 26

“During grad school, I would move about my room purposefully dropping heavy text books. I have, at least once, ‘accidentally’ fallen onto the person in the bed in a fake attempt to get my shoes on.”
—Steph, 28

“Blast The Beatles’ “Good Day Sunshine,” sing, and maybe jump on the bed!”
—Rachel, 28

“This is more of a troll for whoever is sleeping, but….”
—Emily, 30

Some people use props…

The Debrief: When the Morning Comes
Mimi recently received this text from a friend.

“I love waking up to/waking others with breakfast, coffee and/or flowers!”
—Lee, 26

“I’ll bring them coffee in bed, hoping that the smell will rouse them from slumber. Failing that, I’ll steal the covers.”
—Carolyn, 25

“My partner lures me out of bed by having a delicious breakfast ready. If there’s one thing I love as much as sleep, it’s food. And waking up before me to make breakfast is easier than trying to pry me out of bed first thing, or so I’m told.”
—Raimi, 28

“My favorite strategy for getting someone out of bed in the morning is entirely informed by what I like best in a morning wake up and completely dependent on them being a coffee drinker. But with that in mind? Bringing someone a cup of coffee in bed, prepared just how they like it. It’s totally foolproof for getting a sleepy partner or friend out of bed in good spirits and ready to start the day. It also may be important to note, in case anyone ever needs to wake me up and have me not be cranky, I take my coffee with a bit of sugar or maple syrup and a lot of cream.”
—Joanna, 28

Some people use sass…

“I whisper a quick good morning when I wake up and encourage him to keep sleeping. I make coffee and then return to my room with coffee for both of us as I open my computer. Eventually, the insistent typing stirs him. I ask calmly, ‘Coffee? I wouldn’t want you to go home tired.’ This all happens before 6 a.m., even on a Saturday.”
—Marc, 28

“You usually wake up when a rambunctious toddler is placed on top of you.”
—Eliana, 31

Some go for the gold…

“I really like morning sex, so I’ll wake them up sweetly to see if I have consent for something sexy.”
—Molly, 26

“I want to be fully awake myself before I initiate having sex. Then I’ll wake them up—starting slowly, with a hand on the hip. And I want them to be fully awake to consent to sex before we start.”
—Eliza, 36

Of course, reality bites…

“I’ll just wake him and tell him my friend needs me urgently and he’s got to go. Even if that’s totally made up. I just want to make myself an omelet and enjoy my Saturday.”
—Christina, 25

“If it’s a new partner and I have work to do, errands to run or people to see, I would just be honest. I would thank them for a great night, because hopefully that is how this person ended up in bed with me. I think honesty is the best policy.”
—Anna, 29

“How about just, ‘Hey, you need to go’?”
—Jill, 35

And sometimes it’s just rough to wake up…

“Honestly, my partner and I are both pretty reluctant to get out of bed. We’ll hit snooze and snuggle in again, sometimes two or three times. Waking up together slowly is so nice, but it can be a challenge with our work hours. After a few rushed mornings, we’ve learned to start building in that time when we set the alarm the night before.”
—Cara, 34

“This morning I woke up my partner by asking what time it was—exactly four minutes before her carpool drove up. That was a rushed morning.”
—Tyler, 27

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