This is why babies have the best lives: They can wear carb-themed body suits without judgment. (CafePress, $19.95)

My First Passover

They can also sport onesies that say what nobody else will, without offending grandma. (Etsy, $18)

Keep Calm Onesie
(Small Wonder Gifts/Etsy)

Truly badass babies, meanwhile, might prefer a “matzah baller” onesie complete with bow-tie design. Magnum of kosher champagne not included. (Etsy, $15)

Matzah Baller Onesie
(Ella Rose by Nicole/Etsy)

Well-behaved tots and their hopeful parents might opt for the “mensch in training” onesie. (Oy Vey Baby, $20)

(Oy Vey Baby)

And those who want to be proactive in case of spills, bad behavior or other meltdowns should choose a “Shpilkis Happens” long-sleeved tee. (Oy Vey Baby, $20)

Shpilkis Happens
(Oy Vey Baby)

No matter what you choose, everything goes well with a textured matzo bib. (ModernTribe, $16)

Matzah Bib

Fashion-forward children will appreciate an elegant pair of gefilte fish earrings. (ModernTribe, $25)

Gefilte Earrings

The Maven and The Mensch sells lots of funny Jewish kids’ clothing, like this on-point Afikomen Hunter (or Huntress) bodysuit. (Etsy, $17.99)

Afikomen Hunter
(The Maven and The Mensch/Etsy)

This DIY 10 plagues manicure kit is a handy diversion for the grouchy tween who doesn’t want to spend time with family. (ModernTribe, $12)

Ten Plagues Sticker Sheet

Younger children might prefer 10 plagues headbands. (Traditions Jewish Gifts, $10.95)

Ten Plagues Headbands
(Traditions Jewish Gifts)

Chasing kids all evening requires comfortable clothes. That’s why you should don ultra-cozy, matzoh-and-parsley-themed leggings! They’re not cheap, but you can really sport herb-themed clothing anywhere in the spring, like soccer games and your kids’ parent-teacher conferences. Also, if things get awkward during dinner, you can blend into the wallpaper. (Zazzle, $59.95)


But if you’re feeling fancy, it’s hard to go wrong with a flattering, A-line gefilte fish dress. (Redbubble, $53.66)

Gefilte Dress

And for the men? A matzoh bow tie, of course. (Absolute Ties, $10.99)

Bow Tie
(Absolute Ties)