This year Father’s Day is on June 20. Dads are really important in my life–not just my own dad, but my husband, coworkers and friends. I’ve always been surrounded by the quiet, caring types who will jump right in and do what needs to be done, but just don’t ask them to talk about their emotions!

My husband, Alec, deserves some big dad kudos. During the first weeks after Isabel was born, he was the one to get up every night to feed and change her so I could sleep. He was also the one with her during some not-so-pleasant medical procedures, and he does his share of the grueling nighttime routine.

But just as there’s no perfect mom, there’s no perfect dad. I recall that just as my plane landed in Chicago for my first business trip after Isabel was born, Alec called me and said, “She has the hugest dirty diaper you can imagine!” Excuse me, but how could I help him from Chicago?! So he figured it out. But I love that my daughter seems bonded to us equally, and I think it’s because we try to share the parenting responsibilities.

So Happy Father’s Day to all our dad readers!

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