Boston-based ska and punk musician and songwriter Jacob Wake Up! has released his original pop-punk Hanukkah song entitled “Spinning (Like a Dreidel).” Lover of all things bubblegum, Jacob is guitarist and songwriter for Boston ska band The New Limits, and bassist for New England post-punk act The Roland High Life. Fans of bands like Motion City Soundtrack, The Rentals and The Cars will immediately connect with the synth hooks and crunchy guitars.

This singalong captures the ups and downs of a relationship over the eight special nights of Hanukkah. Like any good December pop song, it’s less about Maccabees or messiahs, and more about makeups and breakups.

As the child of an interfaith marriage, Jacob grew up with an appreciation for Christmas music while fully embracing his Jewish faith. “I avoided writing Hanukkah songs for a long time because I’ve always been careful not to let this minor holiday become ‘Jewish Christmas,’” he said. “I eventually reached a point where I just wanted more songs for me, my friends and my family to listen to.”

Conscious of the COVID-19 quarantine, Jacob recorded, mixed and mastered the song himself in his basement studio in Roslindale. The video soon followed, with Jacob playing the roles of each of his bandmates in that same studio.

Jacob Wake Up!’s last solo effort was “Date Night,” a pop/punk love song released in December 2019 as a gift to his wife. That song is available for streaming everywhere. His recordings with The New Limits and The Roland High Life are also streaming. Jacob is currently working on a variety of projects, including an EP of his synthy power-pop songs due out in 2021.