By Gnevs

“Determined to avoid an American Hoarders intervention session, we decided to tackle the “stuff” in the basement.  My husband M took the side with the ski equipment, extra golf clubs, folding chairs and the like.  With efficiency and precision, he handled the task admirably.  K and I took the side with the toys, books, and other cherished belongings.  We took a little longer, and there’s still work to be done.  But to be fair, we had the harder job.  Our stuff was the good stuff.

We started with the box full of “guys.”  Small plastic figures representing Disney movies of her toddlerhood, K had simply called them guys from the start.  I can’t put a number on the hours we spent playing with those characters.  They rode along on Thomas the Train tracks.  They hung out in the beautiful wooden dollhouse and in the assorted plastic Polly Pocket residences.  They loved the animals in the Fisher Price red barn.  They came to doctor’s visits and the grocery story.  They visited Nana and Pa’s house.  They were the guys and they were everywhere.

I don’t remember K ever having a favorite overall but I do remember how she felt about King Triton from The Little Mermaid.  Sometimes she would separate the guys into two lines – good guys and bad guys.  You can imagine the bad guy line:  Scar, Gaston, the Witch from Snow White, etc.  In our house, King Triton was also in with the bad guys.  The first time I noticed I pointed out to K that King Triton was Ariel’s dad and was in the wrong line.  K looked me in the eye and informed me that King Triton was absolutely a bad guy.  “He destroyed Ariel’s things, Mom.  He’s a really bad guy.”  “Well K,” I replied, “that was wrong but he was scared for Ariel.  He was trying to protect her.”  “Mom, he’s her dad and he took her most precious things and destroyed them.  He’s a bad guy.”  She had a point.  Triton thought he was keeping Ariel safe but to destroy her things was bad and wrong.  He was in the right line…….”

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created at: 2011-05-24

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