There are some things best done in private, like flossing and trying on jeans. So, too, with Instagram. I get my scrolling done first thing in the morning, before I fully wake up, and then I try not to look at it for the remainder of the day (easier said than done).

I follow a wild medley of folks, ranging from chefs to obscure 1960s rockers to a “Murder, She Wrote” fashion fan club (go on, judge me) to celebrity moms whose unattainable lifestyles make me want to reorganize my cabinets, scrub my children clean and max out my credit card at West Elm.

About those celebrity moms. There are a few Jewish moms whom I love, whose lives I covet (isn’t that the point of Instagram?) and whose feeds are seductively addictive, visually stunning and alluringly aspirational. For pure escapist glee, click on:

Aerin Lauder, billionaire heiress and style and image director at Estée Lauder

Follow for: Pouty poses in her Park Avenue penthouse lobby, shots of cozy fireplaces, atmospheric Palm Beach table-scapes and occasional photo nods to her two teen sons. You will never see a vase, a caftan or candles in quite the same way again. Sorry, HomeGoods.

Jill Kargman, authoress, Chanel spawn and Bravo star

Follow for: Goth-meets-prep fashion, occasional shots of ex-sis-in-law Drew Barrymore and naughty memes. Kargman’s dad ran Chanel and she writes about life on the Upper East Side (her short-lived series on Bravo, “Odd Mom Out,” was a saucy sendup of that rarified mommy-wars life), but somehow manages to retain a refreshing relatability. Maybe it’s all the tats and leather.

Jessica Seinfeld, cookbook author, philanthropist and wife of Jerry Seinfeld

Follow for: Cooking videos (if you had her money, wouldn’t you employ an in-house chef, or four?), restaurant recommendations, candid shots of Jerry and her kids and humorous photos of her cat. See, she’s just like us, only with a better kitchen.

Gwyneth Paltrow, lifestyle goddess

Follow for: A life you will never, ever have, no matter how many detox smoothies you ingest while sitting cross-legged in an incense-filled room murmuring into an ancient $545 copper tin. Do I really need to explain?

Shoshanna Gruss, fashion designer and socialite

Follow for: Photos of dresses and swimwear designed for women larger than 62 pounds. Thank you, Shoshanna!

Tori Spelling, “90210” ex-pat, Beverly Hills ex-pat and reality TV mastermind

Follow for: The reminder that 1994 was a long, long time ago, and for lots of photos of her many kids in matching pajamas. Who would have thought that Donna Martin would go on to have five children and a reality show? And a book about party planning? Whatever. There’s something lovably kooky and relatable about Tori, even though she grew up in a 300-room mansion with its own wrapping room.

Candy Spelling, Beverly Hills doyenne and mom of Tori Spelling

Follow for: Reminders about questionable holidays (National Cotton Candy Day? Relaxation Day?), popover recipes and, most important, throwback photos of her and her husband, uber-producer Aaron Spelling, hobnobbing with fancy 1980s people. Great photos of big jewels and bigger shoulder pads.

Cindi Leive, former Glamour editor

Follow for: Second acts. Leive was the arbiter of all things, well, glamorous in the 1990s and 2000s, leading the women’s magazine into the 21st century with coverage that went beyond fashion and “21 ways to seduce him with lip gloss,” all while raising a family. Now she’s a globe-trotting woman about town, USC Annenberg Fellow and owner of a kickass short haircut.

Where would we be without our quiet vices? Who do you secretly (or not so secretly) follow?