For some advice on waiting we turned to our colleague Carol Sheingold. 

For prospective adopters, many of whom have borne the intrusion of infertility treatments, driven down unknown roads toward unknown agencies for informational seminars, and sat through hours-long interviews during the home study process, along with the additional required educational training sessions – “the Wait” which follows can bring at once a sigh of relief, and a surprising anxiety-inducing void. Filling the void can be a matter of choice – and how you choose to fill it can make all the difference!


Those involved with adoption know that it would be unusual at best not to experience anxiety while waiting for the call from your adoption agency.  The road to adoption is so filled with the unexpected and “unexplained”, the “less than 1 percent chance” that many prospective adopters simply begin to think that they will be the exception rather than the rule – the one couple or single person who is never able to adopt.  Fortunately, however, statistics do not bear this out.  And so, it becomes a matter of starting to believe that your luck will turn – that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 


 “The Wait” is a time to focus in on what brings you “into the moment” – and away from anxiety producing thoughts….

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