As we gear up for our 90th Anniversary Celebration on Wednesday, May 9 at 6:30PM (have you signed up yet?), we look back at some of the exciting things that have taken place here since our founding.  Test your knowledge – answers are below.  Good luck!

1. For real HC trivia buffs, who was the first dean of the college?

2. When was the first class session?     

3. When was the first graduation?  

4. When was the New England Women’s Association organized?  

5.  When did Camp Yavneh open?

6. When did David Ben Gurion visit?  

7.  When did the Hawes Street building open?  

8.  Who received the first 2 Master of Hebrew Letters degrees?  

9. When did the addition to the Hawes Street building open?  

10. When was the name changed from Hebrew Teachers College to Hebrew


ANSWERS: 1) Dr.Nisson Touroff 1921-1926.  The title only became President with Eli
Grad 1970-1986.  Before that the president was the lay leader, like the
current chairman of the board. 2) Nov. 27, 1921 with 13 students. 3) June 25, 1925. Rabbi Stephen Wise was the speaker and 13 students graduated: 10 men and 3 women.  4) March 19, 1931. 5) Summer 1944 with Mrs. Louis H. Hurwich as the first director. 6) May 16, 1951 First visit.  March 19, 1967 2nd visit. 7) 1952. 8) Arnold Band and Isadore Twersky in 1951. 9) Oct. 15, 1962 classes began in new building. 10) March 5, 1969   

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