What I am about to tell you is not a trick! 

This past Monday night I was at the mikvah preparing for the 8:15 appointment when the doorbell rang.  It was a little early but I happened to be near the entrance at that moment and hearing the feminine voice outside I opened the door. 

“Hi” I said welcoming in the visitor.  She held out her bag and said “treat!” 
Uh oh…  “Not really” I hemmed, opening my mouth in stunned surprise. 
As my mind was processing the situation, and I might have said that this is not a residence, she said, “Oh – is this the Jewish Temple?” 
“Well” I answered, “the temple (Chabad) is next door and we are part of that.”  Then I asked her if she was Jewish. 
“I live in a neighboring town and go to the religious school at the Temple.”  She said. 
I explained that this is a Mikvah and invited her in for a quick tour.  My visitor, a mature looking young lady of high school age, seemed interested but was looking across the street to her group of friends.  She decided to wave them on indicating that she would catch up with them soon.  Unfamiliar with the concept of a Mikvah she was excited by the stunning spa-like facility.  When I shared that brides and women use this mikvah, it suddenly sounded familiar.  She thought her mother might have mentioned using the mikvah as a bride.  Then she said, “This is so nice.  I would love to come!  How would I arrange that?”  I handed her one of our customized emery boards and a business card and told her that when she is a bride we’ll arrange it – and any time that she has any questions she should feel free contact me. 

Just when she was heading out I noticed the candy dish that sits gracefully upon the marble counter in the lobby waiting to bid each visitor a sweet “good-bye”.   “Guess what – I do have a treat for you” I delightedly exclaimed dropping the Sunkist gem into her bag.

As she was leaving to rejoin her friends, it was evident from the smile on her face that she got more than what she came for.

Come visit the Mei Menachem Western Well Community Mikvah in Natick and you too are in for a treat!

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