Everyone can benefit from self-care days: taking time to unplug from the craze of daily life and instead focusing on refueling one’s energy. The main challenge with these self-care days is finding the time to fully emerge in self-care.

Luckily for us New Englanders (and others who get the pleasure of dealing with the snow), we get semi-frequent days where we essentially cannot leave our homes due to the weather. Snow days give us time off of school and, for some, time off of work to stay home with minimal obligations. During snow days, we are unable to run errands, go out to social events or basically do anything outside of our homes. Therefore, snow days are the perfect excuse for self-care, despite feeling counterintuitive as we often feel like we need to take advantage of the found time to be productive.  

What defines a person’s self-care is entirely up to that individual, which is the beauty of self-care days. For some people, spending the day watching a great TV show is exactly the care they need. If this is what a person needs to do to re-energize, then this is what they should be doing. For others, reading or creating art might be more up their ally. Spend your snow days doing whatever makes you feel best; these activities should not deplete your energy; they should refuel your energy.

Snow Day Self-Care Ideas:

  1. Read a new book
  2. Journal 
  3. Look through old photos
  4. Organize your most-used spaces (desk drawers, bedside table, bathroom counter)
  5. Try a new recipe
  6. Make a scrapbook 
  7. Reread an old favorite book
  8. Sleep in
  9. Make hot cocoa 
  10. Watch a show
  11. Have a movie marathon
  12. Do a YouTube yoga session
  13. Make a playlist
  14. Use mindfulness coloring sheets
  15. Light a candle

Although snow days can be isolating, it’s important to note that they provide us with essential and restorative alone time to check in with ourselves. Spend this time doing what you love and you will feel fulfilled and more prepared to get back to reality. How will you spend your next snow day?

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