Jewish learning is a lifelong process—the more you know, the more you realize you have yet to learn. As you delve into Jewish texts, history, thought, ethics, arts and culture, you’re bound to be intrigued by concepts and insights that lead you farther down the path of discovery. Along the way, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your personal connection to Judaism, as well as an appreciation for Judaism’s sage perceptions about the human condition.

Hebrew College offers many points of entry along the path of lifelong Jewish learning:


Whether or not you have had a Jewish education, Me’ah will answer questions that you may have as a mature adult. How did the Jewish religion and culture develop? How did historical events shape the narrative of the Jewish people? Where might I belong in the continuum of Jewish life? You will be immersed in reading core Jewish texts, grappling with concepts representing cultural and political movements from four historical periods—biblical, rabbinic, medieval and modern.

The high caliber of instruction—equivalent to a university-level course—makes Me’ah the most unique Jewish adult learning program in the country. Instructors are accomplished scholars with advanced degrees. They are skilled educators of adults, able to employ their strengths and adapt their approaches both to the Me’ah curriculum and to a range of learning styles.

Parenting Through a Jewish Lens

Parenting Through a Jewish Lens offers a guided tour of some of the best Jewish thinking on issues that impact you and your family. Together with other parents who are raising Jewish children, you will find real world answers to age-old questions. You don’t have to be Jewish. You don’t have to belong to a synagogue. The program offers ikkarim (Hebrew for “‘principles”) that can enrich your most important relationships: with your children, partners and friends; with yourself and with God.

Parenting Through a Jewish Lens is comprised of ten class sessions, held in the mornings (with free on-site babysitting) and evenings, and an extracurricular activity.  It is offered at locations throughout Greater Boston.  Its outstanding instructors understand the interests and concerns of parents, and are adept at facilitating meaningful discussions.  These often don’t end when the ninety-minute class is up.  In the words of one participant, “I learn, I think, I go home and discuss with my husband.  Ikkarim gives me a new lens through which to view and understand Jewish values and learning.”  


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