Lots of schools talk about their great teachers, but we tend to think that ours are truly exceptional, and take a great deal of pride in their achievements and amazing qualities.  It’s always nice, though, when they are recognized in the broader community for the talent and passion that they bring to their craft.created at: 2010-08-30

Kesher Newton is very pleased to announce that two our teachers were selected to be members of the first cohort in CJP’s Teaching and Technology Fellowship.  Sarah del Castillo Benhaim and Pam Pistiner, two experienced teachers and inspiring role models for our students, were chosen from a dynamic pool of applicants to participate in this exciting new endeavor.

The fellowship, which you can read about here, features professional development and training for Pam and Sarah, financial incentives for their participation, and real benefit to Kesher vis-à-vis additional computers and the expertise that they will bring back from their training.

In reading about the fellowship, one thing in particular stands out: the expectation that the teachers work collaboratively in their planning and integration of their learning into the classroom.

When we read about this aspect of the program, we were quite pleased, as one of the hallmarks of Kesher is our focus on teacher collaboration and co-planning.  Pam and Sarah exemplify the kind of collegiality and professionalism that our teachers exhibit on a regular basis; if you walk into the Te’enim on Tuesdays and Thursdays you will undoubtedly find them preparing lessons and resources together and talking about teaching and their students.  Their commitment to excellent teaching, collaborative planning, and their own personal growth certainly was a factor in their selection for this fellowship.

This is one of those situations which is truly a win-win- Sarah and Pam get the benefit of learning and participating in this fellowship and Kesher gets their expertise after also some new technology to help teach our kids in new and creative ways. 

Kesher is very honored to have been selected as a pilot site, and most proud (and not surprised) that Pam and Sarah were chosen to participate.  We wish them a hearty Kol HaKavod and look forward to learning from them and having them help us transform our classrooms in the coming months and years.


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