created at: 2011-03-27

I like cool stuff.

And I like cool Jewish stuff more.

And I like cool Jewish educational stuff probably more than anything else.

These days I’m up to a lot.  I’m running an incredible school at Kesher Newton, teaching amazing kids at Prozdor, creating a new generation of male leadership with Making Jewish Men, blogging here on JewishBoston, and working towards a doctorate in this new program.  I also just wrapped up five sessions teaching seniors at the JCCs of Greater Boston.  There is truly never a dull moment and I’m very fortunate to be on the cutting edge of some very innovative programs.

So when Wanderings and Wonderings was looking for a madrich for one of the two participant groups, I was interested right away.  Engaging young adults with innovative outreach and programming with excellent teachers in interesting locations?  Meeting the next group of young Jewish leaders in Boston?  Umm… yes.  It’s a great idea.  Blending some social networking with quality Jewish learning is a win-win for everyone. 

Young adult engagement and education is tricky business- not everyone is into the learning thing, some people aren’t into the Jewish thing, and others have, frankly other interests that lie outside of committing to about twenty hours of programming in late spring.  But if I may, here are my top five highlights of this new venture that should entice all of you fence-sitters out there to sign up and get with the program.

  1. Exceptional learning.  This program has been put together to bring some of the best and most talented educators in the community to you.  Meet creative artists like Brian Fox and Jason Slavick, learn with instructors like David Jaffe, Ronit Ziv-Kreger, and Sabrina Burger, and (selfishly) hang out with me, Elisha Gechter, and Samara Hendin, who will be your leaders during the experience.
  2. Phenomenal venues.  Ever wanted to go to Mobius, a raw art venue downtown?  This is your chance.  Haven’t been to Club Cafe before?  You will during Wanderings and Wonderings.  Want to hang out after the sessions in some new places?  That will certainly happen.
  3. It’s ridiculously cheap.  $75 doesn’t go a long way- many of us spend that in one night out on the town.  But in this case, $75 gets you food, drinks, programming, networking opportunities, and a ridiculous amount of engagement and fun.  The $75 you dropped on dinner last Saturday night had no long-term implications- this $75 will.  Make the investment.
  4. Shabbaton.  Toss out the awkward memories of Hebrew school or youth group Shabbatons and prepare to take a new look at Shabbat through a young adult lens.  “Shabbat from Scratch” is the tentative name for our Shabbat together on June 3 and 4; get ready to challenge your preconceived notions of what Shabbat is and explore what it can be with your new friends.
  5. Not convinced yet?  Take a look at our Facebook page and see what the buzz is about and who else is signed up.  I know some of these folks and I can tell it’s going to be a wonderful group. 

Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Be in touch with Elisha Gechter at or by phone at (617)-559-8733, or visit  I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the inaugural session on April 28!

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