In a time when social distancing is the new protocol, first-time parents are even more on the fringe of what their new normal should and could have looked like.

Four months ago, new parents would have been able to have visitors at the hospital, family members and friends would have been welcome to meet the next generation in their home, and community members could provide additional support with meals and extra hands for a quick shower. This is not the case today. Many new parents are struggling with questions in isolation and are longing for connection during their sleepless nights and consistent attempts to rock and sooth their babies.


The “Welcome Baby! From Home” virtual class was created to help alleviate a little of the isolation and create community with other new parents. Many amazing opportunities for connections for families with young children, teens and adults have quickly become available in our social media world, but the new parent cohort was feeling a loss.

The JCC of Greater Boston and PJ Library partnered with CJP to create facilitated weekly virtual parenting groups to address this isolation and help new parents connect around the many questions that surface with being a new parent. The weekly gatherings happen from the comfort of each family’s homes and the topics are based on the group’s needs. The first week of class focused on the values of Community (Kehillah) and the importance of staying physically, mentally and emotionally healthy (Shmirat Haguf) for the sake of the baby and one’s self.

In a time of quarantine, we hope “Welcome Baby! From Home” brings new parents a safe space to be heard and to learn from one another.