When my husband asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day, I gave him specific instructions: bagels from Bagelsaurus (oh, yes, they do takeout, on a very limited basis) and a Bea Arthur face mask. I’m a simple girl with simple needs.

This year, escaping to a spa isn’t an option. Escaping anywhere isn’t an option. But it turns out that we’re a creative (and generous!) bunch. I asked; you answered. Here’s what’s on the agenda this Sunday, either to give or to get:

“We sent my mom Williams-Sonoma croissants and tea. Maybe we will virtually meet for a Mother’s Day tea.”

“I made my mom a puzzle with pictures of her and my kiddo. I figured she has lots of time on her hands as she is quarantining alone. I’ve also been recording our nightly Zoom sessions (she reads to my toddler and they chat about the day), so I loaded those onto a drive so she can watch when she’s feeling lonely.”

“My toddler and I are making cards for our other single-mom friends, using photos we have of mom and kid together, and signing it from their kid and us.”

NPR has a Mother’s Day fundraiser and the radio personalities will send an audio card. I am ridiculously and geekily excited to get my audio card from Meghna Chakrabarti. My family will leave our house, giving me an hour to myself, and then we are going to go frog-hunting.”

“We sent my mom farm-fresh cheese, milk (in glass bottles!), yogurt and eggs. It saved a grocery order on her part.”

“I hope my daughters will buy in to playing a piano piece each for my mother-in-law for her to hear/watch via Facetime.”

I’m hoping to spend a good portion of Mother’s Day completely alone with no husband, children or dog needing anything from me.”

“Since my kids were small, my only ask has been a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on a bagel, a large iced tea with lemon, a People magazine and at least two hours alone without anyone else in the house. Luckily, even in the midst of a pandemic, the tradition can continue.”

“I’ve been obsessing about lobster, so I directed my husband to Young’s Lobster Pound in Maine. They’re doing overnight shipping.”

I want manual labor! My husband and kids will be putting in a rose garden for me this year.”

“My sister and I are inviting my mom to a Zoom coffee hour—no kids, just us!—so we can spend some time catching up together.”

“Croissants from Colette in Medford.”

“A virtual Mother’s Day opera and shout-out from Mass Opera.” (Note: There’s a free Sunday concert at 4 p.m.)

“I’m sending my sister and her family an ice cream sundae party from J.P. Licks for Mother’s Day as a surprise.”

I sent my mom some coffee from Mystic Coffee Roaster and Brunch in a Box from One Mighty Mill.”

I ordered myself a lemon tree a couple weeks ago. Then I told the kids they had bought me a lemon tree and should make me a card accordingly. And that they owe me $50!”