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Things I Can Do During a Long Service     Created by Rebecca Redner, for Gateways

created at: 2011-09-16Lots of Jewish people celebrate Jewish holidays by going to temple.  A temple is a place where Jewish people go to pray together.  When people pray together in a temple it’s called a service.

I will go to temple with my family.

At the service in my temple people will sit in a room called the sanctuary.  During the service most people will stay in their seats.

created at: 2011-09-16Most of the time people will not talk during the service.  If they do need to talk, people usually whisper or use a very quiet voice.  It is important to be quiet in the sanctuary so people can focus on praying.

It can be hard for some people stay in their seats during the service.  It can be hard for some people to use a quiet voice when they need to talk during the service.

I am learning about things I can do to help me stay in my seat and have a quiet voice during the service.

The sanctuary is the room where people pray together.  Some people bring books that they can read quietly in the sanctuary.  Some people bring small toys that they can play with quietly in the sanctuary.

These are the things my parents and I have decided that I can do in the sanctuary:
created at: 2011-09-16
Some people leave the sanctuary when they need a break.  If I need a break, I can try to ask my parents for a break.  My parents may come with me.

Outside of the sanctuary some people take walks.  Some people play quietly with small toys.

These are the things my parents and I have decided that I can do outside the sanctuary:

When the service is finished my parents will probably feel very proud of me.  I might feel proud of myself.  It is grown-up to go to temple on Jewish holidays.

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