While variety is important, if you attend enough potlucks you usually end up with some kind of go to dish. We all have our favorites, the things we’re particularly good at–but what do those dishes reveal about our personalities? I know, you’ve probably been wondering about your potluck astrology for ages, just waiting for someone like me to come along and answer all of your burning questions with a pseudo-scientific blog post. Well today is your day! Here, at long last, are your potluck personalities.

something with lots of nuts and/or cheese: You’re definitely a badass. Also maybe reckless? I like you. You’re a gourmet, and you’re not about to lower your standards to accommodate petty things like “life threatening allergies.” Screw it! People can see the nuts. And everyone has an epi pen these days, right?

root veggies: You’re both fashionable and ecologically conscious–a truly well rounded person. You know that for the majority of the year, Boston is good with root veggies and bad with tomatoes. You’re not about to get a bunch of produce that was shipped from Florida and California–think of the ecological footprint! You’re cooking with veggies from your csa share AND your community garden plot, because you’re just that awesome. (Watch out so you don’t become one of those moms who walks around with a yoga mat and only wears Prana clothing, because they’re also that awesome.)

couscous/quinoa: removed/category defunct. (No one brings couscous or quinoa to potlucks anymore because of the fact that people used to joke about everyone bringing couscous or quinoa to potlucks. This is a shame, as couscous and quinoa can be really excellent dishes for potlucks. All the couscous/quinoa people had to resort to becoming pasta people or salad people. However, in light of the ridiculous pants people are wearing these days, perhaps it is almost time for an ironic couscous/quinoa resurgence–couscous might be the next hipster acid washed skinny jeans.)

pasta: You’re a macher in the community–a big shot–and you’re generous. You take ownership in all the best ways. The potluck might not even be at your house, but you’ll be damned if anyone goes home hungry! You’re the sort of person who people just assume is in charge. You know how to feed 50 people on a shoestring budget, and people notice your contribution. Let all who are hungry come and eat–because this is YOUR community.

something specifically vegan and gluten free: You are compassionate–but also maybe a perfectionist? You try to craft the perfect dish that all of your friends, including celiac friends and vegan friends and allergic to everything friends can enjoy. You have probably already typed a label for your dish on recycled paper and glued it to a bamboo toothpick (because bamboo is more sustainable, duh) with hypoallergenic glue. And a bow.

salad: You are balanced and socially adept. You understand that not everyone can make the main dishes, and if we have too much pasta, people will get too full and need a salad. You’re great at appreciating others and not hogging all the glory. Also maybe you’re in a rush and can’t cook at the moment.

fish: Oh you rebel! The potlucks always say “veggie/dairy,” but you know that in some crowds that can include fish too. You’re sick of convention! You’re fed up with the same old, same old! You’re going for adventure! And in this case, adventure usually means a delicious poached salmon with lemon and dill.

drink: “Lazy” is such an ugly word. How about… carefree? You have lots of things going on in your life. Really though, while drink-bearers get a bad rap for bringing one of the easiest and most convenient contributions, if no one brought drinks, we’d all be screwed. Here’s to the drinkers!

dessert: You’re like a pop star. You’re cute, you like things that are bad for you, and you don’t worry about consequences. “What if everyone brought dessert?” Whatevs, yours is the cutest! “But, many people have already tried some variety of chocolate cake before.” So? People have seen drunk blondes before, and Ke$ha still exists! Ahh, guilty pleasures.


Lag B Blog day 23


P.S. Rachel and Stephanie are the designated “pop stars” for our wedding, as they were the very first to claim dessert duty. (In fact, I think Rachel actually decided she was going to do dessert for us before we even told her we were getting married. Awkward…) If you want to do desserty stuff, you should communicate with them. Or maybe decide on one of the other lovely personality types for the evening?

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