“What’s the Right Thing To Do?” is a monthly column featuring ethical dilemmas with responses from students in the Greater Boston area. I am aware of the daily dilemmas students face and this column, of interest to both students and their parents, helps people openly discuss these issues and bring these ethical discussions we all face to the forefront. This concept is especially timely because we are faced with very challenging ethical dilemmas, which are even more prevalent now because of the power and influence of social media.

You’re invited to a bar mitzvah that you RSVP “yes” to. A week later you receive another invitation to a bar mitzvah on the same day from your camp friend, who lives in a different city and whose event you would much rather go to. What’s the right thing to do?

“I would attend the same bar mitzvah that I RSVP’d to first assuming that that’s a friend that lives local so I see him more often. Despite how I may feel about my friendship with the camp friend that I don’t see so much but might like better, I still would tell the camp friend that I’m really sorry, I already am committed to the first friend’s invitation and that perhaps we can see each other again sometime in the future. Given that I will be crossing paths with the first local friend more often would make me feel worse to renege on the original invite.”
—Jadon, eighth grade, The Rashi School

“I would go to the camp friend’s one because even though going to the RSVP one is probably the right thing to do, this isn’t the most important decision of your life, and knowing that you would enjoy the camp friend’s one is more important.”
—Ilana, eighth grade, The Rashi School

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