I love it when holidays fall on weekdays. It gives you a chance to go somewhere and spend some time off. This year’s Passover gives us this opportunity and I’m planning to take full advantage of the situation. I will have the best weekend+holiday ever (ignoring the fact that my family will be 10,000km away from me). I will spend the weekend in Washington and the Seder (both of them) in NY. These four days will represent what Jewish Hospitality is all about. Friends will host me in DC and I will spend the Seders with two different families, both of whom know just how to make a guest feel at home.

My weekend is going to start with an NBA game between the Boston Celtics and the Sacramento Kings; This will be the first time I get to see the Israeli NBA player, Omri Casspi (I have my Kings jersey and a huge Israeli flag – look for me on TV). Then, dragged by my girlfriend, I will go to visit friends and watch the famous cherry blossom in Washington D.C. After that, for the second time in my life, I will be proudly saying “Leshana Habaa biyerushalayem Habnuya” (for next year in rebuilt Jerusalem) and actually mean that (I spent 26 of my 27 Seders in Jerusalem).

My next post will tell you all about how I managed to watch a cherry blossom and still keep the appearance of masculinity.

Last, some philosophical questions for the holiday:
1. Do animals keep Kosher for Passover? I guess now they do.
2. Think your Seder has the best dishes? Think again.
3. Have you ever thought about how would a modern WWII or a contemporary Hagadah look like today?
4. Why is it that on Passover I want pizza/pita/any other kind of Chametz more than on the other days of year? If you feel the same, check this solution.

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