Shavuot is just around the corner, which means: plump, cheesy, sweet blintzes! (Read all about the connection between Shavuot and blintzes here.) Happily, Boston has a bounty of blintz options, both for dining out and enjoying at home. Here are nine favorites.

Barry’s Village Deli

In quiet Waban, Barry’s is a slightly below-the-radar lunch spot, but this deli also serves a blintz-filled breakfast. Get yours with cheese or blueberries, with a side of sable, nova or whitefish.

Bazaar Supermarkets

Shoppers in the know flock to Bazaar—with convenient locations throughout Greater Boston—for global gourmet goods, ranging from smoked and salted fish, to tinned caviar and herring, to cheese and mushroom blintzes (a sleeper favorite). Shop in person, or order online. They also offer thin, plain pancakes, should you prefer to make your own filling.

The Butcherie

This is one of the area’s best-loved kosher groceries for a reason: extensive menus for every holiday, and a simple online ordering system. They offer an enormous, cheesy Shavuot menu—mac and cheese, sweet cheese noodle kugel, lasagna, fettuccine Alfredo (and yes, some salads!)—plus trays of 20 cheese blintzes for $25.

Johnny’s Luncheonette

This humble, retro, lovable diner from the folks who now also run local legend Cabot’s Ice Cream keeps things simple with diner classics: waffles, eggs and sweet-savory cheese blintzes with sour cream…and also a healthy dusting of powdered sugar. Get the large stack of four for $9.50; more modest appetites can opt for two.

Kugel’s Deli

Farther down Route 9, Kugel’s in Framingham draws a crowd for its challah French toast and buttery cheese blintzes, topped with either sour cream or applesauce. As the name suggests, they also sell noodle kugel.


This modern classic has it all: signature deli sandwiches, silky lox, tasty knishes, borscht—and blintzes! Theirs come piped with sweet cheese, frozen in packs of four. Simply sear and serve. Mamaleh’s has locations in Brookline, Cambridge and Boston. Live in the ‘burbs? They’ve got you covered: Order for delivery to one of their many suburban pickup locations throughout Greater Boston.

Michael’s Deli

Brookline’s favorite deli might be known for husky corned beef sandwiches, but owner Steve Peljovich also stocks blintzes piped with either sweet cheese or blueberry. At $1.75 apiece, they’re also a sweet deal. Expecting a crowd? Michael’s (extensive!) catering menu offers packages at $20 per dozen.

S&S Restaurant

The Inman Square dining scene continues to evolve, but S&S has thrived since 1919. The dining room is decorated with historic photos and Cambridge memorabilia—and the kitchen serves no-frills latkes, matzo ball soup, chopped liver, tongue and cheese blintzes with applesauce and fresh fruit.

Zaftigs Delicatessen

This place has been around forever, and even though some parts of the menu have bowed to trends—there’s avocado toast now, for one thing, as well as fusion latkes—this is still the place to find classic dishes like chopped liver, nutmeg-scented noodle kugel and tightly rolled, gooey-cheesy blintzes dolloped with a healthy cloud of sour cream, topped with berries. Get them as an app, an entrée or as a greatest-hits plate with potato pancakes and knishes.

Bubbe’s Blintzes

This storied truck is based in Leicester, and they specialize in one thing and one thing only: blintzes. Happily, they also ship their signature sweets (plus compote!) by the dozen. If you’re lucky enough to visit in person, go all out with toppings like caramel and hot fudge. Note: They park in Florida for the winter (who can blame them?).